Australia’s international network for cultural heritage services accepts the invitation from First Nations Australians to establish a First Nations Voice to Parliament and urges Australians to vote Yes

AusHeritage accepts the invitation from First Nations Australians to establish a First Nations Voice to Parliament to be enshrined in the Constitution and understands that it is a significant and necessary step for the nation.

As an international network that supports cultural heritage in Australia and throughout the Indo-Pacific Region, AusHeritage welcomes the opportunity it will provide for improving the lives of Indigenous Australians as well as enabling us to develop a more coherent sense of our heritage and national identity.

Strengthening our sense of place, historical understanding and looking towards a shared future for this country will also create a stronger platform for our engagement and cultural collaborations across the world.

Many Australians share the view that we live in momentous times. The Voice and a commitment to truth-telling will foster positive and respectful relationships at home and in the region.

The Australian heritage sector has been working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities for many years to improve mutual understanding and cultural development. It is time now to encourage all Australians to support this journey.

You can find the official media statement here.

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