The Hindu – ‘Each State in India can house 100 museums’ – 16 March 2017

* Vinson Kurian

‘There is room for every state in India to have at least a 100 museums,’ says Vinod Daniel, AusHeritage Chairperson in an interview by The Hindu.

Mr Daniel has traveled to over 40 countries on museum-related projects and is also a board member of the International Council of Museums. ‘If India wants to build its museum world, it is important to say that it will not copy a particular mode,’ Mr Daniel said. ‘A museum is often a combination of what the authorities want or what the professionals want, married with what the public wants. It is important to see what your audience would want in a situation like this.’

There are two aspects in the Indian context: insufficiently trained staff and the government dictating terms to a museum.

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