AusHeritage meetings in Delhi – 5 Nov 2019

AusHeritage was invited by colleagues at Meinhardt to attend a meeting with Dr Vinita Srivastava Executive Director (Heritage). AusHeritage was represented by Vinod Daniel, Dr MacLaren North and Graham Ormsby.

Participants of the meeting

The delegation highlighted the capacities and capabilities of both groups and the intentions to undertake development work for the Railway Heritage Division. AusHeritage were requested to submit an EOI detailing capacities and areas of interest that could be pursued.

The National Rail Museum of India

Also with Meinhardt, AusHeritage met Mr Parul Soni Global Marketing Managing Partner of TTC ThinkThrough Consulting ( TTC is a sustainable development advisory group working in conjunction with the World Bank for funding. They will continue to look for projects in Asia that would be of interest to AusHeritage and its members.