Think City Sdn Bhd Grants Programme Manager study visit to Australia – Sept-Oct 2011

AusHeritage Ltd recently coordinated the study visit to Australia of Ms Agnes James, Senior Grants Programme Manager (Communication) for Think City Sdn Bhd, in the World Heritage listed city of George Town, Penang, Malaysia. She visited Sydney and Melbourne from 26 September to 7 October 2011.

Think City Sdn Bhd is hoping to fulfil the following goals and objectives by working with local, civic and specialist participants through the George Town Grants Programme:

• Kick-start the urban rejuvenation of the George Town World
Heritage Site (WHS)
• Build on the momentum of civil society-driven activities and
private sector initiatives thus spurring private-public
• Build local capacity and capability for the protection and
development of the living heritage, culture and architecture
• Encourage sustainable development and the creation of a
liveable environment.

Agnes’s was in Australia to investigate ideas about how information about a heritage site can be presented in a historic building/museum/gallery/small spaces and how to manage these exhibits (preferably, using a blueprint or guidelines documents). She was also looking into how to design education and interpretation programmes and the resources required to manage them.

Agnes was also interested in how similar Australian institutions draw in visitors, especially the young. Her visit included discussions with major public institutions and heritage management agencies as well as private sector heritage consultancies and production groups.

The outcome of the visit has provided a substantial number of ideas and initiatives which can be adopted or adapted for George Town’s circumstances and heritage assets.

Please visit for further information on the Think City project.