AusHeritage fifth World Heritage lecture and workshop, Kinmen Island, Taiwan – 21-24 June 2016

The 2016 AusHeritage lecture and workshop program on Taiwan’s Kinmen Island was held between 21 to 24 June, 2016. Participants came from public sector organisations (both national and local government), universities, the private sector (essentially local SMEs), interested citizens and students.

The Cai ancestral temple Qionglin village, Kinmen (Photo: Cook)

The program focused on four themes:
* World heritage experiences in Australia;
* The management of world heritage sites including planning, monitoring and periodic reporting;
* The role of development control plans and heritage impact statements in the management of heritage sites;
* Heritage tourism and co-operative conservation mechanisms and awareness raising.

Program delivery was supported by five participants from Australia under the AusHeritage banner and five colleagues from Taiwan.

Break-out group discussion, Workshop 1 (Photo: Mansell)

Nine lectures were presented during the program which included the UNESCO World Heritage Periodic Reporting process; World Heritage experience in Kinmen and Australia; the Australian approach to development control plans & heritage impact assessments; case studies; conservation mechanisms, planning, management and community awareness and heritage management.

Two workshops were held which explored management and delivery systems and ‘roles’ in heritage management.

The 2016 workshops provided a welcome opportunity to showcase Australia’s credentials in world’s best practice management of outstanding cultural heritage sites, particularly at the Port Arthur Historic Sites.

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