A Repository for Emotions – 21 June 2017

The Indian Express
Written by Shiny Varghese

Australia-based museum conservator Vinod Daniel on how museums can be more than exhibition sites

From village crafts to submarines, museums are instruments for anecdotes. They sit on the fine line between being tourist attractions and centres of study. How then does one preserve its innate value as a culture’s conscience keeper? Vinod Daniel, Executive Board Member, International Council of Museums, and Chairman, AusHeritage, Australia’s International Cultural Heritage Network, was in Delhi recently. He shares how museums ought to be hungry for innovation, and autonomous enough to chart their own course. He is in the country for numerous projects in different cities such as Chennai, Jaipur, Kolkata and Hyderabad. His latest Hyderabad consultation was for an Egyptian mummy that was being preserved by the State Museum in Telangana.

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