AusHeritage Visit to Kamarajar Memorial House Museum -Feb 2012

The Chairman and Deputy Chairman of AusHeritage were recently in Virudhunagar, India, to visit the Kamarajar Memorial House, along with the Australian Consul General and Trade Commissioner for South India. The Museum has been chosen to trial the different approaches to conservation practice and museology between India and Australia.

Roger Beeston (Deputy Chairman, AusHeritage), Vinod Daniel (Chairman, AusHeritage), David Holly (Australian Consul General for South India), Michael Carter (Australian Trade Commissioner for South India)

A Conservation Management Plan is being prepared by RBA Architects + Conservation Consultants, in conjunction with AusHeritage for the museum, supported by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) of the Australian Government by a grant from the Australian International Cultural Council (AICC) and the office of Mr Manickam Tagore, MP for the (local) Virudhunagar Constituency, in the State of Tamil Nadu, India.