Salzburg Global Seminar Session 466 Report – 15 Feb 2010

Challenging present and future leaders to solve issues of global concern

The Salzburg Global Seminar is a unique international institution focused on global change — a place dedicated to candid dialogue, fresh thinking, and the search for innovative but practical solutions. The Salzburgh Global Seminar Session 466, on “Connecting the World’s Collections” was co-chaired by Vinod Daniel (Chairman AusHeritage) and Debra Hess Norris (Chair and Professor, Dept of Conservation, University of Delaware).

Sixty cultural heritage leaders from thirty-two countries, including representatives from Africa, Asia, the Middle East, South America, Australia, Europe, and North America gathered in October 2009 in Salzburg, Austria, to develop a series of practical recommendations to ensure optimal collections conservation worldwide.

Founded in 1947, it challenges current and future leaders to develop creative ideas for solving global problems, and has brought more than 25,000 participants from 150 countries and regions to take part in its programs. The Salzburg Global Seminar convenes imaginative thinkers from different cultures and institutions, organizes problem-focused initiatives, supports leadership development, and engages opinion-makers through active communication networks, all in partnership with leading institutions from around the world and across different sectors of society.

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