ICOM Australia Award for International Relations for AusHeritage Chairman Vinod Daniel – 17 Nov, 2011

Vinod Daniel, AusHeritage Chairman was awarded the 2011 International Council of Museums Australia Award for International Relations at the Museums Australia Conference Dinner in Perth, November 17, 2011. This award celebrates the exceptional work undertaken by individuals and Australian institutions to strengthen international ties and contribute to the cultural richness of our region.

Vinod Daniel

Congratulations to Vinod, long-serving Chairman and member of AusHeritage, on receiving this ICOM Australia award for international relations. He has determinedly promoted cultural heritage preservation nationally and internationally, much of which has been under the auspice of AusHeritage.

Dr Robin Hirst, Vice Chair of ICOM Australia said “ICOM Australia believes that cooperative projects are very important in strengthening museum relations internationally by promoting information sharing across borders and distributing unique resources worldwide” he also added that Vinod Daniel is one of the most distinguished long-serving figures in both Australian and Indian cultural heritage. In being awarded the 2011 ICOM Australia Award for International Relations he is recognised for his long term commitment to furthering cultural heritage preservation and management in India.