Heritage Management Capacity Building for Kinmen Island in Taiwan – Sept 2012

An AusHeritage team have been invited to give a workshop on Kinmen Island and two public lectures in Taipei. The skills learnt by government and private professionals will assist in the development of sound management for the highly significant heritage sites on Kinmen including early fishing villages and 20th century defence sites.

The team includes Ian Cook of 3CS AsiaPacific (intangible heritage and cultural mapping); Geoff Bailey, Director of Sydney Harbour Federation Trust (management and promotion of ex-defence heritage sites); Peter Romey, Partner with Godden Mackay Logan (heritage principles, legislation and planning controls); and Mary Knaggs from the NSW GAO Heritage Group (heritage masterplanning and creative adaptive reuse).

The project has been made possible through a grant from the Australia-China Council, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Australian Government and is supported by the China University of Technology Taipei (CUTe) and the Nation Quemoy University.

While the Team is in Taipei, AusHeritage Chair Vinod Daniel will sign a Memorandum of Understanding with CUTe.