From the Chairman

Since being elected as Chairman, AusHeritage, I have been fascinated with the strength and commitment of its membership, as well as the enormous potential for partnerships with cultural heritage agencies in the Asia-Pacific Region.

Improvements in communications, more economical means of travel, better education and standards of living have opened up a growing appreciation and demand for conservation of cultural heritage, which in the past, has often been the first casualty of economic growth.

Australia is uniquely placed in both a geographic sense and with its availability of skilled professional expertise to make a real impact on the region. This can occur at both a policy level and at a project level. AusHeritage has already built up an impressive record in both these spheres of operation. For example our involvement with ASEAN Committee on Culture and Information is of vital significance. Our relationships with many key regional partners have progressed far enough for our partnerships to become formalised through memorandum of understandings such as with the Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage.

With our ongoing cooperative relationship with the Australian Government. Especially as we look forward to the Governments response to our heritage industry paper addressing the role of cultural heritage programs in foreign diplomacy, aid and trade development, I am confident that AusHeritage will continue to make a difference in the region we live in.

This website has been developed both to showcase some of our current work and to promote the spread of skills of the membership. We welcome applications for new members.

Vinod Daniel, Chairman.