How museums can use technology - 26 May 2020

How museums can use technology to take art and history to people

Museums are repositories of history, culture and societies, and in the future may display items that will remind us of the COVID-19 pandemic. Currently, museums are among the worst hit spaces and the pandemic is forcing new ways of accessing them.

AusHeritage Honorary Life Members - 27 May 2020

Ausheritage is delighted to welcome back to its fold our first Honorary Life members, Ian Cook AM and Heather Mansell. This fascinating dyadic interview is a compelling eyewitness account of their active leadership involvement in many of the key Ausheritage activities over more than 20 years.

We hope to hear more from them and look forward to their continuing involvement with us as we enter our 26th year.

International Museum Day - 18 May 2020

International Museum Day 2020 stresses upon equality, diversity and inclusion
by Dilpreet Bhullar, Stirworld. Published on : May 18, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has turned International Museum Day to one-of-its-kind opportunity to lead the conversation on and explore hitherto unviable possibilities around museums.

International Museum Day (May 18), otherwise a busy day with events across the museums in different parts of the world, this time greets the uncertainty of lockdown with a majority of museums closed or partially opened for viewing in the wake of COVID-19 until further notice.

To remain viable, museums must reinvent themselves - 25 Apr 2020

Vinod Daniel

During the extended lockdown, there have been few online attractions provided by museums for the public to visit. The crisis offers them an opportunity to provide more services digitally.

A relatively unnoticed impact of the coronavirus pandemic, and the restrictions which have followed it, is on museums across the world.


Members of AusHeritage visited Malaysia and India recently for a number of meetings to further develop relationships and to investigate potential new projects.

AusHeritage is a network of Australian cultural heritage management organisations, established by the Australian Government in 1996. The network aims to facilitate the engagement of practitioners and organisations for the Australian heritage industry in the overseas arena.

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