Members of AusHeritage visited Malaysia and India recently for a number of meetings to further develop relationships and to investigate potential new projects.

Oz heritage experts to help restore Humayun Mahal - 20 Feb 2020

The Times of India, Feb 20, 2020

Australian forensics and Tamil traditional building methods may soon find a creative meeting point at Humayun Mahal at the Chepauk Palace. AusHeritage, an Australian network of heritage experts and architects on Wednesday held discussions with the state public works department on restoring the building that suffered serious damages in a fire accident in 2012.

Australian team in Chennai to pick up restoration tips - 20 Feb 2020

The Hindu, Chennai – 20 February 2020

Work on Humayun Mahal, using traditional conservation techniques, comes in for high praise. Mughal-era techniques, followed for conservation of heritage buildings in the Chepauk Palace complex, have caught the attention of Australian heritage experts.

A seven-member delegation from Australia was in the city on Wednesday to learn about the traditional techniques adopted for restoring Humayun Mahal. They were all praise for the use of traditional methods, particularly the Kangeyam bulls employed to grind lime mortar used to plaster walls.

Australian Heritage Delegation in Malaysia - 18 Feb 2020

A six member senior heritage delegation from Australia visited Kuala Lumpur on February 17-18, 2020. The delegation from AusHeritage, Australia’s International Heritage Network had a working session with Think City officials, delivered a workshop on Risk Management for Collections at the Islamic Art Museum and also met with the Deputy Minister for Tourism, Culture and Arts, Mr Muhammad Bakhtiar bin Wan Chik.

How can museums stay relevant? - 22 Dec 2019

How can museums stay relevant? Museum man Vinod Daniel has answers

Daniel, chairman of the board for AusHeritage, has worked closely on museum projects pan-India, including the Madras Museum, the Victoria Memorial in Kolkata, and the Indira Gandhi Memorial Museum in Delhi.

AusHeritage is a network of Australian cultural heritage management organisations, established by the Australian Government in 1996. The network aims to facilitate the engagement of practitioners and organisations for the Australian heritage industry in the overseas arena.

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