AusHeritage Chair re-elected to ICOM Board - 16 Sept 2019

International museums peak body ICOM’s Kyoto meet elects AusHeritage Chair to its Board

Renowned museum expert Vinod Daniel has been re-elected to the Board of the International Council of Museums (ICOM). This will be the second term on ICOM’s Board for Mr Daniel. ICOM, based in Paris, represents over 45,000 museum professionals and 20,000 museums from over 140 countries.

AusHeritage provide free spectacles in India - Aug 2019

AusHeritage Board members Graham Ormsby, Roger Beeston and Robyn Riddett provided free spectacles in India through the Indian based charity India Vision Institute during their last mission to India in October 2018.

For Indian monuments, the danger level is higher - 7 Aug 2019

The following article has been reproduced from, written by Vaihayasi Pande Daniel, Mumbai

‘We are looking here at the colossal damage to a country’s culture and history – something that cannot be quantified. There are artefacts, archaeological items and historical memorabilia that can never be replaced,’ says Vinod Daniel, museum specialist [Chair of AusHeritage].

A disaster management plan, particularly for fire, is all the more important for monuments and historical structures constructed or lavishly embellished with wood, like the pretty Padam Palace, Rampur, Himachal Pradesh. Photograph: With kind permission of Khagendra Nath Jana.

AusHeritage member awarded an MA - 11 June 2019

Ian Cook, Foundation Chair of AusHeritage has been awarded a Member of the Order of Australia for his services to heritage conservation and preservation.

AusHeritage sign MoU with George Town World Heritage Inc - 31 May 2019

AusHeritage signed a Memorandum of Understanding with George Town World Heritage Incorporated (Penang, Malaysia) to further strengthen the collaboration between the two parties.

AusHeritage is a network of Australian cultural heritage management organisations, established by the Australian Government in 1996. The network aims to facilitate the engagement of practitioners and organisations for the Australian heritage industry in the overseas arena.

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