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In April 2021, interviewed Vinod Daniel about his work in relation to his roles as Chair of AusHeritage, CEO of the India Vision Institute and Board Member of the International Council of Museums.

Past present perfect - 11 Feb, 2021

Rajitha Menon, Deccan Herald, conducted the following interview

Being a museum specialist is not a career that immediately springs to mind while charting out one’s future path. But choosing to embark on the path less taken, Sydney-based Vinod Daniel has made a name for himself as an internationally renowned museum specialist.

A way out of the labyrinth - 03 Jan, 2021

Rasshme Rao, Deccan Herald, conducted the following interview with internationally recognised heritage conservationist Vinod Daniel about the possible resurgence of museums post-Covid.

As a kid, one of my earliest memories of a Saturday outing was a visit to the Visvesvaraya Industrial and Technological Museum in Bengaluru, or a weekend trip to Mysuru with the extended family to see the Mysuru Palace and its exhibits. Having grown up in an era where malls were unheard of and the Internet was still an unknown entity, we enjoyed visits to museums, parks, palaces, etc. But, children and young adults today don’t really appreciate visits to museums.

Indian museums need to rethink their story-telling approach - 7 Feb, 2021

The following interview with Vinod Daniel, Chair of Ausheritage, was conducted by Anjuly Mathai, The Week.

An Australian citizen of Indian origin, Vinod Daniel is known for his work in heritage preservation, both in Australia and overseas. He is chairman of the Board for AusHeritage and member of the International Council of Museums (ICOM), Paris, and has worked in over 55 museums globally. Here, he talks about how we can improve Indian museums and how the pandemic has impacted them.

I spy a skeleton - 31 Jan 2021

Why India needs to rake up the problem of human remains in museums
The following article has been prepared by Sneha Bhura, The Week.

On September 26, 1935, F.H. Gravely, superintendent of the Government Museum in Madras, wrote to the secretary of the Australian Museum about an “aboriginal skull”. In exchange for this adult, male “aboriginal skull” from Newcastle in Australia, Gravely confirmed that the museum in south India would be sending a “fairly typical skull” of a “Male Telugu (one of the four main Dravidian speaking peoples), 30 years of age”. There was no mention of the provenance of this Telugu skull.

AusHeritage is a network of Australian cultural heritage management organisations, established by the Australian Government in 1996. The network aims to facilitate the engagement of practitioners and organisations for the Australian heritage industry in the overseas arena.

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